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Grandfather Clock Repair and Moving

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Antique Clock Repair
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Mobile Clock Repairs in
San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Temple, TX

Grandfather clocks have been around keeping time since the late 1600s. Their history is as rich as the wood they’re made of. Even as new technology grows at an exponential rate, grandfather, grandmother, and even granddaughter clocks stand the test of time as they offer pristine decoration and a sense of nostalgic marvel. If your valuable clock has suddenly stopped working, chiming, or became damaged, call the experts at Clock Tech to repair it. Our team boasts a combined 25 years of experience bringing San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Temple, TX expert repair services for their standing, mantle, and wall clocks.

vintage grandfather clock

Years of Horology Experience Repairing Clocks

Don’t worry about attempting to move your valuable or fragile grandfather clock from your home to our shop. Clock Tech comes to you! Our mobile clock repair teams offer prompt service and bring all the tools to your home to quickly repair your clock. This minimizes your involvement and the risk of damage during transit. As standing clocks contain many intricate moving parts, it’s vital to limit their movement, especially when they are damaged. We’ve worked on all brands of clocks and know the ins and outs of yours. Because we understand how valuable your clocks are to you, we make every repair with precision, using top-of-the-line tools and technology to keep them running for years.

Clock Transportation Services

In addition to repairing your grandfather clocks, we also offer clock moving services. Grandfather and grandmother clocks contain hundreds of delicate components that require expert care to keep safe during transport. If you plan on moving, call Clock Tech to efficiently and safely move your clock for you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Our repair technicians are happy to help and answer any concerns you may have about repairing or caring for your clocks. We love clocks just as much as you do and work diligently to keep them running in immaculate condition.

Clock Tech


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