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Antique Clock Repair and Transportation in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Temple, TX

Your clocks hold sentimental value to you and your family. When they suddenly stop working or require maintenance, it’s often difficult to find the time to repair them. Our expert technicians at Clock Tech come to you! We provide American antique clock repair services for San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Temple, TX. When we come to your home to repair your clocks, we go into great detail making sure your clock is cleaned, serviced, and fully-functioning for years to come. Grandfather clocks have a rich history while providing homes with timeless beauty. If it’s been years since your clock stopped ticking, give us a call and let us provide the love and care it deserves.

clock gears

Types of Clocks We Service

Clock owners in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Temple, TX have trusted Clock Tech to repair their precious timekeeping pieces for over 25 years. Precise repair and service for these clocks require a vast history of knowledge, a steady hand, and a respect for the craft. Our veteran horologists specialize in repairing the following types of clocks:

  • Grandfather clocks
  • Grandmother clocks
  • Granddaughter clocks
  • Mantle clocks
  • Wall clocks
  • American antique clocks

We Safely Relocate Your Grandfather Clock

Moving your standing clock can be difficult, cumbersome, stressful, and if you’re not careful, can cause irreparable damage to your clock. Along with our repair services, we also provide professional grandfather clock transportation. Whether you’re moving the clock the next room over or across the country, you’ll want to hire a professional who understands the intricacies of your prized and sentimental grandfather clock. For your convenience, we’re available seven days a week from 7AM-7PM. We want to be flexible around your schedule while providing you with the utmost service. Call us today and schedule your grandfather clock move!

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